Past Lives no. 6, 2018.  Mixed fabrics, acrylic paint, thread, and batting.  56 x 82"

Past Lives no.3, 2018. Cotton fabrics, digital image on cotton, hand-dyed and painted fabrics, duck hunting camouflage, thread, and batting, 52 x 68”

Past Lives no.4, 2018. Cotton fabric, digital image on cotton, thread, and batting, 32 x 42”

Past Lives no.5, 2018. Mixed fabrics, thread, and batting, 32 x 52”

Past Lives no.1, 2018. Cotton fabric, duck hunting camouflage, used dishtowels, thread, and batting, 28 x 36”

Past Lives no.2, 2018. Cotton fabrics, stained bath towel, thread, batting, and latex paint, 30 x 40”
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