Coronarius, 2023.  Oil on canvas,  72 x 54" 

Vespertine, 2023. Acrylic gouache, india ink, walnut ink and watercolor on mulberry paper; quilted. 44 x 70"

Janus, 2022.  Oil on canvas,  73 x 54" 

Iris, 2023.  Oil  and acrylic on canvas,  36 x 36" 

Summer Crush, 2023.  Oil on canvas,  28 x 44" (diptych)

Moonstruck, 2023.  Watercolor, india ink, dye, and acrylic gouache on mulberry paper. 34 x 27" 

Reflectors, 2023.  Watercolor on paper.  18 x 24" framed.

Bush Light, 2022. Colored Pencil on Stonehenge paper, 16 x 20" framed

Between Fires explores my changing relationship to landscape during the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the past three years, my attention has shifted to small moments in my immediate environment that have taken on poetic, portentous, or mythical qualities under our current circumstances. This series explores catastrophe and routine, particularly response to when catastrophe seems to become routine. In the past 3 years I’ve spent significant time in my backyard, and have come to appreciate how my activities in the yard have become a significant way I mark time in an era of pandemic, climate disaster, and political upheaval. I’m thinking through cycles of the moon, pin oaks, and an overgrown mock orange bush. The routine backyard campfires my loved ones and I sit at have become a way to mark life happening “between fires” of an endlessly dire series of current events.
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