Janus, 2022.  Oil on canvas,  73 x 54" 

Summer Crush, 2023.  Oil on canvas,  28 x 44" (diptych)

Moonlighter, 2023.  Oil on canvas,  24 x 20" 

Windows, 2023.  Oil on canvas,  24 x 20" 

Hallmark, 2023.  Oil on canvas,  28 x 22" 

Outsiders (once), 2022. Watercolor, india ink, gouache, and natural dye on Shiroishi washi paper; quilted. 44 x 44”
Between Fires references the current frequency of unprecedented social, political, and environmental upheavals, and the backyard patio bonfires that I–and many others across the country–turned to for safe(r), routine social space during the most restricted periods of the pandemic. In this series, I am using subject matter from my backyard, neighborhood walks, and local forests to express the strange combinations of overwhelm and boredom, anxiety and mundane aspects of our contemporary times. In my previous series, I looked to travel or cinema as fodder for finding novel landscapes to inspire my work. Over the past three years, my attention has shifted to notice things in my immediate outdoor environments that have taken on poetic, portentous, or mythical sensibilities under our current circumstances.
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